Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies
Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies

Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our users say about Teamworks IRO©


“In a system that is now requiring IROs to keep electronic records, Teamworks IRO software makes this requirement very easy”….TM, owner



“I have used different softwares to run my companies and finally I found a company that I am completely happy with.”…. JM, owner



“Keeping up with all the Texas IRO law requirements is very tedious.  This software is so changeable on the fly, that I don’t worry anymore about whether we can meet all TDI's rules.  Teamworks IRO software helps us stay compliant and will save time when we have to go through exams and audits.”….. C. , owner



“This is a part-time job for me, and this software allows me to take a quick overview of daily tasks that are needed.  I can usually finish all my daily tasks and requirements in under 15 minutes because of this software”….. R, owner



“I have helped manage thousands of IRO cases.  I have never seen a software system that is so easy to change to my needs while continuing to reduce the time needed to manage a case.  Thanks to Teamworks IRO software, I can quickly organize my day which allows me to be more efficient than ever before.  And with the ever increasing regulatory burdens put on us by the state and federal governments, I have the confidence I will be compliant while maintaining my efficiently, and reducing costs.  With my other system if I made a mistake I would have to start all over from scratch, that has all gone away.  Before I only had MS Word templates to work with for reports, that has all gone away.  I used to have to send every email and fax separately, that has gone away.  I do not have to look up any fax numbers or email addresses, they are all part of the system.  Now I just push a button and that is it. With the built in metrics of your software I've verified that I am 15 to 20 times more productive."…… A, office clerk



“This software allows me to stay organized without taking time out of my life to do the organizing.  The software does everything for me”….B, owner



“With the freedom and flexibility of Teamworks IRO software, I can design my workflow so that I know I will be notified of every due date and alert that keeps my business running.  With 1st and 2nd request for records, invoices, final decision letters, and many more documents sent out every day, I am never worried about missing a due date.  Without Teamworks software, I don’t think I would still be in business.”  ....B, owner



“I am so thankful for this software.  Now that the state department of insurance is requiring IROs to maintain a database, I will not have to spend the money to design something myself.  For a very small monthly fee, I can stay in business. The time it takes to run my IRO has been reduced by 60-75%, so it was a complete game changing decision for me.”….BH., owner

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