Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies
Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies


December 2017: Our doctor portal is now in production. You can assign a case to be reviewed by a doctor. The doctor accesses the portal via a secured login and has use of of the materials you grant access to. You no longer need to send the information by mail, email, or fax. The review when completed by the doctor is entered into the case automatically and an email is generated notifying you of the completion.


March 2017: Designated Doctor reports are now available..


February 2017: You now have the ability to maintain your own credentialing which means you no longer have to rely on expensive 3rd parties to provide this service. Taking a few minutes each week to keep the information up to date reaps huge monetary benefits. When a license is about to expire, you are notified. We make it simple to maintain the information, including any downloaded PDF documents from state agencies.

January 2017: State insurance departments are making huge changes this year, one of them is having to document multiple licenses per doctor. Also, new reporting for designated doctor in workmans' comp cases. Multiple reports are required based on how a question is answered. As with all our reporting, we make this super simple. Answer a few questions, and the reports are automatically generated in a format acceptable to the state insurance department.


We now handle multiple licenses for each doctor. This means you can select a specific practice for a specific case. Stay tuned for further changes.

December 2016: Workmans' Comp cases now only display a listing of doctors for your speific state.

May 2016: Never be late with a 'Final Letter of Decision' to the state again.

Now you can instantly know how many are due at anytime. This view has been added to the dashboard and is always available on the main page. If decisions are due, an arrow will appear to the right. Simply click on the arrow and you will be taken you to a listing where you can immediately take any needed action.

Dashboard - Letters of Decision Dashboard

April 2016: When closing a Task that is marked as a 'Case Closing Task' you are now prompted to close any tasks associated with the case that were not previously closed. This further simplifies Task Management and saves valuable time.

Save Tasks Save Tasks

March 2016: We've added a view scheduler view that shows which Tasks Require Immediate Action. This includes past due Tasks as well as Tasks that are due today. 


When you start the program, it automatically detects which tasks are due. If any require immediate action, you are automatically alerted to which ones via this intuitive screen.


Exclusive to Teamworks IRO, any task that needs immediate attention is automatically carried through the current day. That means you don't have to scroll to any previous dates to find the task. It is always in plain site.


To update a Task or Case, select it and Edit or Close it as needed.


Tasks that Require Immediate Action

Also New in March: The Office of Inspector General of Health and Human Services has created a replacement for the Exclusions Database which was in dbf format. The new format is CSV and is now supported in TeamWorks. The OIG HHS now notifies us when a new version is avalable to download.


February 2016: We support the new file format for the LEIE database from OIG HHS. In fact, every month our software is updated with the latest LEIE data.

January 2016: We have recently added Organizer and Scheduler features to make your life easier. These give you additional ways to look at your Cases and Tasks in a consolidated way. You can instantly see when a case or task is due. In addition, if you choose to see the duration of tasks you simply selelct a different view.


We start by giving you complete control over the appearance of the information including custom colors. The following 2 screens demonstrate how to assign a color to a task. In most instances this only has to be done once as the color scheme is automatically attached to a task.


Custom Color Picker
Task Listing

The organizer and scheduler give you a bird's eye view of your data on a monthly, weekly or daily view. The layout, coloring, and grouping of tasks happens automatically. Once a task is assigned to a case there is nothng you need to do to make it appear in the organzer or scheduler. As in other areas of the application, all of this happens automatically.


Mostly View of Due Tasks


July 2014: We have added an email / fax inbox. This is included with the Basic Fax Package purchased through IRO Solutions.


June 2014: introducing version 1 of our Teamworks IRO software. Stay tuned for further information on how you can easily manage your IRO Case Reviews and Workman's Comp Cases.


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