Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies
Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies

Over 100 reports including the Case Review Decision.

We have almost any report you need to conduct your business, from Case Information, Task Information, all the way to the final report you submit to your state agency to close the case.


Selecting a report or reports is a simple matter of selecting, clicking, and submitting. Our industry leading Report Selector is so flexible that it allows us to run reports for almost any condition and distribute in almost any format including:


Preview on screen with multiple output formats including Excel, HTML, XML

Send directly to the printer

Send as a PDF directly to an email address or a fax number *

Send as a Microsoft Word document directly to an email address or a fax number *


* Functionality automatically provided by our email/fax module. There is no need for you to exit the program, find a file and email or physical fax it. It all happens within the program.

Report Selection


The Report Selector is an easy to use, point, click and print wizard.


First you select the report category, there are several to choose from.

Next, select the desired report or reports.

Next, select the IRO and Case Number.

Next, select the people/organizations to receive the report(s). Notice that you are only able to select people/organizations that actually have an email or a fax number that are relevant to the case. You cannot select invalid or inappropriate recipients.

Finally select the destination for the report(s).

The MS Word options are useful when the recipients must have the documents in some format that are editable. While PDFs are great, there are instances when an editable copy is desired. We utilize the industry standard .doc format (RTF - Rich Text Format) and .docx.


In addition to the formats listed above, we also offer MS Excel, HTML, and XML. All formats are available from the included Report Previewer with the click of a button as shown next.

List of Reports

With over 100 reports, the chances are we have any report you need to run your business. If not, we can create custom reports also.

Maintenance Detail


  Case Category

  Case Type

  Comment Note

  Comment Type

  Carrier Accounts Payable


  Fax Email

  Health Care Network

  Health Carrie Network Provider


  IRO Reviewer


  Monitor Contact


  Patient Representative


  Payment Detail


  Provider Type


  Report Category



  Resolvor Contact



  Task Information


  URA Company

  URA Contact

  URA Reviewer

  Transaction Type

  Transaction Category

Maintenance Table


  Carrier List

  Carrier Account Payable Contacts

  Case Category List

  Case Type List

  Comment Note

  Comment Type

  Fax Email

  Health Care Network Contact

  Health Care Network List


  IRO Reviewer

  Monitor List

  Monitor Contact List

  Patient List

  Patient Representative List


  Payment Detail


  Provider Type List


  Report Category

  Requestor List

  Resolvor List

  Resolvor Contact List

  Status List

  Task Information List

  Task List


  Transaction Category List

  Transaction Type List

  URA Company List

  URA Contact List

  URA Contact Reviewer List

IRO Reports


  2nd Invoice

  2nd Invoice2

  2nd Medical Request

  2nd Medical Request Provider Additional 1

  2nd Medical Request Provider Additional 2

  2nd Medical Request Provider Additional 3

  2nd Medical Request URA Contact

  Annex To Certification of Independence of Reviewer

  Assignment Letter

  Certification of Independence of the Reviewer

  Email Received

  Email Sent



  Medical Records Request

  Medical Records Request Additional 1

  Medical Records Request Additional 2

  Medical Records Request Additional 3

  Medical Records Request URA Contact

  WCN Review Decision



  Complete Review Decision (used to close out the case)

  Review Decision

  Review Summary



  Task Information Due Date





  Entity Detail



  Case Information List

  Case Information Detail

  Resolvor Analysis

  Resolvor Dashboard


Common referred to as Query by Example. These are analytical reports designed to help you run your business. Each report has built in query/filter functionality which allows you to slice and dice the data any way you would like.


Reports include:

  Payment Detail

  Task Information List

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