Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies
Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies

Processes and Work Flow

All new and existing cases either start as direct data entry in the application or make use of our included email module which handles emails and electronic faxes. These electronic communications can be used directly in the application by attaching them to a case. Outbound emails and reports distributed as faxes are automatically attached to the currently active case. Inbound communications are attached to a case with one mouse click. In general terms, all electronic communications can easily be associated with a case without any technical knowledge. The software takes care of that for you.


Once a case is created, you can easily update or view the information. This information includes; patient, patient representative, reviewers, unlimited comments, unlimited inbound and outbound electronic communications. When working with a specific case, you can easily see all faxes or emails associated with that case. There is no need to locate a hard copy that is filed away. Although if that is how you want the work to flow, you can certainly do that.

As you work through the case you can print off numerous reports or letters and automatically fax/email them as an attachment to the appropriate parties. These reports or letters can also be generated in Microsoft Word format. Again, there is no special technical skill required to do this if you take advantage of the automatic electronic attachment functionality.  All information associated with a case is in one place. All inbound and outbound communications are bound to a case.


The process and work flow of the software give you an unprecedented knowledge of the status of any case. As each case is created, you assign a Due Date. Also you can automatically assign default tasks to the case. Each task has a Due Date and a Completed Date. You are alerted to any task that is not completed in a timely fashion. Both Cases and Tasks are displayed in a list format on the screen. Any case or task due today is in red, any due in the next 2 days is in green, any due in the next 5 days are in blue. At a glance you know the status of any case or task.

Tasks can easily be used to assign due dates for required documents to be sent or received, they can also be used to alert you when a payment should be sent or received. Again, any task not completed by the due date issues an alert to you.


In addition to the listings, you are presented with an easy to view dashboard that gives you an overview of all your cases.


For single users the software and data resides on a single computer. For small groups of users, the application and data can reside on a network share. The database is an ANSI SQL standard database. For enterprise solutions, the application resides on a server and can utilize SQL Server as the backend. All users have a login in order to use the system.


Pursuant with the laws and regulations of TDI, this software documents the case information and provides a way to physically audit case information including all correspondence. Everything pertaining to a case is in one location and is easily secured and can be backed up.


The current release of the software gives you the ability to verify a physician's credentials using the Health and Human Services database which is integrated into our system. Validating an IRO can be with one mouse click.

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