Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies
Teamworks' software for IRO, Utilization Review, Peer Review, LawFirms, and Insurance Companies

Data Capture

Capturing and maintaining IRO or Peer Review data.

Our philosophy is keep data entry simple. Give the

users what they need at their fingertips, keeping

anything not immediately relevant out of the way.

New IRO or Peer Review cases arrive in our email module. From there you create a new case. Additional documents are delivered via the inbox and can be attached directly to an existing case. No more having to print them out and file them 'somewhere'. We do that for you as we electronically attach emails and faxes to a case that you choose. Also, any outgoing emails or faxes you send are also attached to the case. It's always easy to find any document or attachment associated with a case.

All cases begin somewhere.

Ours begin in the inbox of the email module. This module is used to manage inbound/outbound emails and faxes. Inbound emails can be used to assign a new case from your state's department of insurance. No more having to maintain a fax machine and file the fax away for future use.  When a new email or fax arrives you see it in the inbox. Our software takes full advantage of this capability allowing you to move an email and attachments directly to a case with 2 mouse clicks. You can even create the beginning of a new case from an email. By opting to use the fax service we offer through a nationally recognized fax service provider, the email module is automatically included. Because we have worked closely with our recommended fax service provider, we have been able to integrate it into our software and know it 'just plain works'.


Unlike other software, you are free to use a fax service provider of your choosing. However, since we have only verified our software works with our recommended fax service provider, we are not able to guarantee faxes/emails will be sent or received using your fax provider. When selecting your own fax service provider, you will need to subscribe to the email module noted above.





Data entry the simple way.

Imagine all the case data you need in one place. No more having to hunt for it in an outdated software program, or even worse, in some file folder that is 'somewhere'. We keep all your case information in one screen with tabs for each specific detail you need. We even let you know what fields are required before you save the case. Data is stored securely on your computer and not in an unsecured cloud database.


Whether you maintain data for 1 IRO or many, it is easy to know at a glance the status of each IRO.


As you can see in the above graphic we maintain the following:

  • Case Information

  • Task Information

  • Patient Information

  • Patient Rep Information

  • Case Review

  • Summary Review

  • Unlimited Comments or Notes

  • Received Emails/Faxes

  • Sent Emails/Faxes


Case Listing Status is always available.

The case listing is always available and gives you a comprehensive look at all cases including the cases due today or past due (red), those that are due within 2 days (green), and those that are due within 5 days (blue). If you wish to use different colors or days until due, we make that available to you. The most recently added cases appear first in the listing by default. 


What if you want the cases to appear in a different order? Simply select the header over the appropriate column and the data is instantly re-sorted.


Tasks put you in the driver's seat.

User definable tasks are the driving force behind maintaining current case information. Knowing that creating individual tasks for each case can be time consuming we have automated the task for you. When you create a new case you can specify which task you want to use, simply select them and they are added to the case. From then on out you simply update the tasks related to the case. At any time during the life of the case, you can add additional tasks if needed.


16 different tasks are included in the system. You are free to pick and choose from, as well as add your own or change existing tasks. Below is a view of some tasks related to a case. The task list below was initially created with one mouse click.


Information at a glance.

Whether you maintain data for 1 IRO or administer several, it is easy to know at a glance the status of each IRO. Every time you come back to the main screen or start the application you will know the following:


  • How many cases are due

  • How many log reviews are due

  • How many cases are not completed

  • How many tasks are not completed

  • How many payments are past due

  • How many new emails


     And with one mouse click you can see the list of items needing attention. One more click takes you directly to the item where you can edit or correct it.

Closing a case.

When you are ready to close a case and submit it to the state IRO department, you simply select the 'Complete Review Decision' report, select the case, select the recipients from a list of relevant recipients that pertain specifically to the case and submit it. When the report is finished running it will automatically be submitted to the state through email or fax where permitted by law. The report is in the proper format required by the state agency. Below is a sample of the report.


Each state has its own format and delivery method. Where possible, we create the report in the proper format and you automatically submit it by clicking one button.


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All cases begin somewhere.

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